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Task registrationWith Timon Task Registration you can punch into a certain task from your mobile phone and keep track of time of multiple tasks or projects during the work day. Managers can thus easily monitor the cost per project as it progresses. This is ideal for the construction industry with remote building sites. Invoices can be generated directly from Timon or data exported into other accounting systems. You can also register tasks for projects with a web interface or via the task bar and manage billable hours. This is suitable for any company keep track of billable hours and invoice for services such as law-firms, accountants and engineering firms.

  • Real-time task registration
  • Project registration
  • Calculate cost of projects, billable hours as well as cost of in-house projects
  • Data export to accounting and billing system.
  • Simple to montior cost margin og tasks
  • Accurate registration in real-time
  • Reports in Excel and as attachments to invoices
  • From phone
  • From smartphone or tablet
  • From PC

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